Decorative Party Food Centerpieces

by Ruth O'Neil

The main feature at a lot of parties is the food. Making the food look attractive is the role of the host. Use a variety of ideas to make the food table at your next party be the place where people stand around and congregate, eating all the delicious food. The centerpiece is the first thing people notice at the food table, so make it count.


Create different levels of the food to make an attractive food centerpiece. Purchase a tiered dessert plate to hold cookies, cupcakes or other small individual food items. Using different sizes of plates and bowls can also help create levels with your food. Pies and cakes look nice on cake plates that have pedestals. Create different tiers by using a variety of plates and bowls that you already have around the house. Turn the bowls upside down and put the plates on top. Use linen napkins that coordinate with the decor to cover up plain or unattractive bowls.

Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain makes an impressive and edible centerpiece. Place the fountain in the middle of the table. Follow the directions that come with the fountain to start the chocolate flowing. Create some decorations around it by setting bowls of different fruits around the chocolate. Foods that go well with the dipping chocolate include kiwi, bananas, strawberries, small pretzel sticks and apples. Make sure to have plenty of clean toothpicks or skewers for people to use.

Fruit Bowl

A simple bowl of fruit makes an attractive centerpiece. Choose the type of bowl you want, whether a clear glass bowl or a wooden bowl, depending on the type of party. A punch bowl works well if you want to have a larger centerpiece as well as a pedestal cake plate with the dome turned upside down to use as a bowl. Use different types of fruit, including apples, pears, bananas and grapes. Mix up the colors of the fruit to make the centerpiece look as nice as possible.

Watermelon Basket

For a summer party, use a watermelon basket as a centerpiece. Buy the largest watermelon you can find. Cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the fruit. Cut the top edges of one half of the watermelon into a zigzag shape or cut out a handle from the other half of the melon. Fill the carved watermelon basket with a cool fruit salad. Use a variety of fruits and a variety of colors for the most impressive food centerpiece.