Decorative Party Columns

by Missy Farage

Set the party's mood by choosing the right decorative columns for the occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, special event or nothing at all, decorative columns add drama to a get together. Choose a column that fits the theme and type of party.

Wedding Columns

Create a royal and refined ambiance for your special day with decorative wedding columns. Wedding columns are generally white, and made from corrugated cardboard or plastic for easy transportation and assembly. Most wedding columns come in sets of four, featuring two pairs of columns, one 8 feet tall and the other 4 feet tall, to help you create a magical frame through which you can step after marriage. Wrap white lace or gossamer around the columns to create a more dramatic effect.

Metallic Correlated Columns

If you're looking for a way to amp up your party, dazzlingly colored metallic corrugated columns might be what you're looking for. Made from cardboard and corrugated paper, these columns might look heavy but are easy to assemble and install, measuring up to 8 feet in height. Adding metallic columns to your party's decor can set a futuristic or mod theme. Wrap the columns in lights or glow sticks to get the party started.

Lamp Decorative Column

Use lamp decorative columns to energize your party or instill a casual, laid-back mood. Lamp columns generally have paper stretched over a wood or wire frame. Lights strung inside the column illuminate it to evoke both awe and admiration in your party guests. You can choose from a lamp column or a lantern column, which features cut-out shapes that will cast fun shapes onto your crowd.

Balloon Columns

Decorative balloon columns will have your party starting off on a fun, family-friendly note. These work well for school dances, graduations or general celebrations. Choose multicolored balloon columns, single-colored balloon columns, striped balloon columns or columns that featured shaped balloons at the top of each column.

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