Decorations for a Jungle-Themed Party

by Daniel Francis

Decorating for a jungle party can range from easy to labor-intensive. It can also be economical or pricey. Depending on who will be attending the party and what kind of party it is, you can be inventive and original in your decorating. A children's party will take you in one direction while an adult dinner party will take you in another.


There are all kinds of animals found in jungle settings. For children, consider decorating the walls with pictures of happy, funny monkeys, orangutans, zebras or hippos. Some jungle animals, such as the colobus monkey with its white feathers, are visually stunning. You can start by decorating the walls with vines of green leaves cut out of green construction paper. Find photographs of the animals of the jungle and provide the children with paper, markers and crayons. Have them draw their own versions of the animals and put the drawings up over the green jungle leaves. You have combined a party activity with your need to decorate.


Bring out your jungle theme with decorative food. Unshelled peanuts can make your guests learn to eat like an elephant. Serve banana bread or leave out bowls of banana chips. Consider decorating a pan cake or layer cake with orange and black tiger stripes, white and black zebra stripes or yellow and brown giraffe spots. Cupcakes can easily be decorated to look like a lion's face or a tiger's face. Many bakeries sell "elephant's ears" that can be served as treats or dessert.

Plates, Napkins, Fixtures

For either an adult or children's jungle-themed party, consider purchasing jungle plates, napkins and drinking glasses. For children, you can find all kinds of jungle animal designs in bright, cheery colors. For adults, you can find patterned cups, plates and utensils with leopard spots, giraffe spots or zebra stripes. For adults or kids you can buy lanterns in jungle colors that look like animal skins. A table cloth with a jungle print will change the look of a room immediately.


Jungles are full of tall grass. Consider buying decorations with tall grass to spread around your room or yard to make it feel more like a jungle. You can make your own by cutting out grass shapes from large green poster board to set up against walls. For a big scale party, you can buy faux grass from craft stores and lay it across all your floors so your guests have the feeling of walking in the wild.

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