Decorations for a Baby Boy's Choo-Choo Party

by Kimberly Turtenwald

Many little boys love trains. For some, this obsession begins at a young age. Some parents even use the choo-choo theme for their baby boy's first birthday party. This theme offers several different decorating ideas. So set the mood and shout "All Aboard!" for a fun-filled party.

Themed Decorations

Choo-choo train-themed decorations are available in a variety of variations. Many party stores carry decoration items in at least one of these themes. Some specific train themes for a baby boy include Thomas the Tank, Little Chug and general cartoon trains. These themes can often be found on decoration items such as balloons, streamers, banners and table cloths. If you cannot find some items that you want, use plain-colored balloons, streamers and other decorations that match the colors of the desired theme.

Toy Trains

Model trains can be used for decorations at your baby boy's choo-choo party. Set up a model train of any size on a display table. A lower table is easier for young children to see, but also invites little hands to grab the trains. Encourage the younger kids to look at the trains, but not to touch. If there will be older children at the party, invite them to take turns running the model train.

Engineer Decorations

The train engineer is an important part of any train operation. Incorporate train engineers into your party decorations by dressing up teddy bears in striped overalls and red bandanas. If you only have a few children coming, consider using these teddy bears as favors for the children. However, if there are too many children to be able to afford a bear for each child, place one on each table as a decoration. After the party, give one to your baby and donate the others.


While the cake is meant to be eaten at the party, it can also serve as a decoration until it is cake time. Use loaf pans to make the cake so you have several rectangular cakes instead of one big one. Cut one into the shape of an engine and the other into the shape of a caboose. Use different frosting colors on each car to separate them from each other. Round cookies or candy make good wheels for your train. You can also use different kinds of candy to further decorate each car.


Some give party favors to all of the child guests. For your baby boy's choo-choo party, incorporate the favors into your party. Trains are known for housing hobos who travel from place to place on freight trains. Purchase wooden dowels and bandanas for the party favors. Place the party favors into the middle of the bandana. Lay the dowel over the top and tie the four corners of the bandana over the dowel to create a hobo's pack. Use them to enhance the decorations before passing them out at the end of the party.

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