Decorations for an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

by Lauren Griffin

"Alice in Wonderland" is more than just a book: It is a demonstration of imagination at its finest. With the right decorations, birthday party guests will feel as if they've stepped (rather than fallen, like poor Alice) into the magical world of Wonderland. An Alice in Wonderland birthday party promises an enchanted evening guests will never forget.

Venue Decor

The entire venue, whether it's a backyard or living room, can easily be transformed into Wonderland with some colorful decorating. When guests arrive, they'll notice a plush White Rabbit with a pocket watch in hand, as well as confusing arrows with directions such as "This way," "Keep going," and "Up" pointing in every direction. A stuffed animal cat hiding on a tree branch makes a wonderful Cheshire Cat. Illuminate the party space with brightly colored decorative string lights. Mismatched pillows strewn upon a colorful blanket provide a sitting space when the time comes to open presents.


Capture the whimsical nature of a Wonderland tea party with a slightly mismatched table. Select a floral tablecloth that boasts bright colors, such as a pale yellow background with magenta, teal and gold flowers. Give the table an elegant feel with plates and teacups that feature a lovely Victorian print. Select a pattern that is different from the tablecloth, yet showcases the same colors. An assortment of mismatched teapots is scattered across the table as though the Mad Hatter himself helped decorate.


While the colorful table looks lovely on its own, some Wonderland-inspired centerpieces add even more to the party's decor. Create a whimsical centerpiece by gluing together a tower of teacups. Top it off with a small bouquet of flowers. A classic bundle of pale pink roses held in a simple clear vase has a sophisticated look that is appropriate for any tea party, even those in Wonderland. Complete the look with topiaries shaped as spheres, hearts or even animals to add another touch of whimsy to the space.

Edible Decorations

Sure, food and drinks taste great, but they can also play an important decorative role for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Fill a tiered platter with adorable snacks, such as pastel-colored macaroons, miniature cupcakes, and tiny berry-topped tarts for a colorful and edible decoration. Little trays filled with cute petit fours and labeled "Eat me" borrow an idea from the book and add to the Wonderland theme. A selection of fruity sodas, such as cherry and grape, labeled with "Drink me" are colorful Wonderland accessories.

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