Decorating for Ocean-Themed Birthdays

by Alex Saez
An ocean-themed party can bring the ocean to you.

An ocean-themed party can bring the ocean to you.

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Birthdays are an important occasion. Although a typical party can be entertaining, there is infinite flexibility in terms of themes. One potential approach is the ocean-themed birthday. Not only is this unique, but it allows for endless creativity that is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for everyone. If you are unsure of how to host such an event, there are many creative options available.


Don't limit your decorating to the actual party. An ocean-themed invitation helps set the stage for the spectacle to come. Think beyond the basic card concept. For example, you can take an empty bottle and place a rolled invitation inside to create a message in a bottle. Or collect large seashells and write the party details in permanent marker. Either deliver them by hand or in soft, well-padded envelopes, since shells are breakable. If you do decide to go with a paper invitation, modify it to your theme. For example, you can cut it into the shape of a fish or draw ocean-themed pictures on it.


A successful ocean-themed birthday is not complete without the appropriate atmosphere. Cover the walls and ceiling with blue cellophane wrap to give the room an underwater feel. Use blue material anywhere you can, such as for tablecloths. Hang plastic fish from the ceiling to make it seem like the guests are swimming with fish. Fish- or shark-shaped balloons are a fun alternative to regular balloons. Use a bubble machine to add to the underwater aesthetic. Add a fish- or mermaid-shaped pinata for a good decoration that can later turn into an activity. Place some ocean-themed centerpieces on the tables, such as fish, shells or mermaids. Fish-shaped electric lights can also augment the atmosphere.

Dining Supplies and Favors

Look for island and ocean-themed paper cups and plates at a party store. For a kid's party, create a few simple goody bags with ocean-themed temporary tattoos, stickers, sticker books, necklaces, plush animals, bean bag animals, stamps or fish-shaped candies.


Food can be just as decorative as it is practical. Start with goldfish crackers. Turn cheese slices, small sandwiches or deli meats into themed decorations using fish-shaped cookie cutters. Serve blue drinks or use blue food coloring for healthier beverages, such as apple juice. If you are particularly enthusiastic, make a fish-shaped cake. Choose any flavor of cake and bake it in a 9-by-13-inch pan. Cut off the corners and shape the center into a fish design. Use the corners to create a top fin and a tail. Finally, frost the fish's body with one color of icing and the fins with another color.

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