Decorating Ideas for a Surfing Theme

by Emma Rensch
Surfing posters can make just the right decoration to help carry out your theme.

Surfing posters can make just the right decoration to help carry out your theme.

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Whether you are preparing for a party or are planning permanent decor for your home, you can enhance a surf theme by using decorations that invoke tropical or beach-inspired imagery. A surfing theme gives you the option of purchasing decorations or transforming household items for a creative and low-budget decorating scheme.

Surfing Photographs

Purchase large posters of surfers in picturesque locations or taking on impressive waves. These posters are often colorful and can make a plain wall more interesting. Posters are appropriate for surf-themed events such as parties, while high-quality prints of professional photographs may be preferable for permanent home decor. If you wish to feature a surfing photograph permanently in your home, consider getting it framed before hanging it on your wall.

Floral-Print Furniture and Covers

Enhance the tropical atmosphere that often accompanies surf culture by purchasing florally decorated furniture or furniture covers for your home. The hibiscus is a symbol commonly printed on fabrics to suggest a surf environment. If you are hosting a surf-themed event, purchase floral-printed beach towels or towels featuring images of beach and surf and place these on chairs and couches.


Retire an old surfboard to be used as decor. If you do not have an old surfboard, you can purchase a used board that may no longer be adequate for surfing. If the board is not aesthetically appealing, have it refinished or decorated before placing it in your home. Try leaning the board against a wall in a conspicuous corner. A surfboard can be ideal both for regular home decor and for a temporary event. If you are hosting a surf-themed event, you may be able to borrow a surfboard from a friend instead of purchasing one.

Beach-Umbrella Lamp

Add an element of the beach and surf culture to your living room or party location by transforming an ordinary lamp into a beach umbrella. Use a tall lamp with a fluorescent bulb that does not become hot. A lamp with an unobtrusive shade or no shade at all is ideal. Attach a small beach umbrella to the top of the lamp so the umbrella acts as the lampshade. A beach umbrella lamp can be incorporated into regular home decor or event decorating.


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