Decorating Ideas for a Housewarming Party

by Jennifer Mullett
Use decorations sparingly to let your new home shine.

Use decorations sparingly to let your new home shine.

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Once you are moved in with everything neatly tucked into place, it's time to throw a housewarming party. Jazz-up the interior of your home for the party with minimal decorations used to maximize the ambiance of your new space. A few simple touches will set the stage for showing your home to friends and loved ones.


Make a sign and place it where guests will see it as they arrive at the party. One idea is to enlarge a family photo, place it in the center of the sign with a "welcome to our new home" message. Tie a handful of balloons to the sign to set the mood for the party and to help guests find your new home. Ideas for placing the sign include the porch, the front lawn or affixed to the garage door. Inside use decorations sparingly, ideally around the buffet table or to highlight a staircase.


Fresh cut flowers are an essential for the housewarming party. Place bouquets on the dining room table, bedside tables and a low arrangement for the living area. One idea is to order one large arrangement from the florist and hand pick a selection of smaller blooms you can cut for smaller vessels for areas like the bathroom. If you choose well it will be inexpensive and elegant. For instance, a single peony floating in a decorative bowl will class up the bathroom, while a handful of red tulips will bring a party-perfect pop of color to the bedroom.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is an opportunity to create ambiance in your new home. Experiment in the days before the party to find a combination of lighting that appeals to you. You can place lightly scented candles throughout the home and pair them with some overhead lighting and natural light from windows. Decorate the buffet area with strings of twinkling indoor lights to give it a party feel without going overboard. The mood you set will largely depend on the time of day and the time of year. For a winter housewarming, you might want to light the fireplace; in the summer, groupings of candles might be enough of a decorative element.

Other Ideas

House plants are an ideal way to decorate your home for the housewarming party as you keep them long after everyone leaves. Try adding one plant to each room in a pot indicative of your decor style. Place them on tables or hang them in front of windows. Another idea is to give your home a welcoming scent. Use air fresheners, incense, vanilla drops on the burner of your stove or bake a batch of cookies. Hang colorful paper lanterns in the entryway, use tablecloths on the buffet and dining room table and make sure the whole house is sparkling clean for your home's first party.

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