How to Decorate With White Tree Branches on the Wall

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Paint a backdrop of aspen trees on your wall.

Paint a backdrop of aspen trees on your wall.

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Decorating with white tree branches on your wall allows you to bring a bit of the frail beauty of trees such as birch or aspen into your home. The bark on these trees is delicate -- almost the consistency of paper in some spots on the branch. Working with this quality helps you bring an almost fairytale-like feeling to the room. This element coupled with some other decorative touches creates a memorable wall display.

Items you will need

  • Projector
  • Photos of white trees
  • Pencils
  • Paint and supplies
  • White branches
  • Cutting tools
  • Staple gun
  • Yellow ribbons
  • Wire
Step 1

Project white trees on the wall with a projector; this creates a forested backdrop for your tree branches. Use a photograph of aspen or birch trees in a cluster; these have white bark. Make the outlines of the trees in pencil. Draw lightly.

Step 2

Paint the forested area. Use a loose, Impressionistic technique. You don't want clear, crisp lines; otherwise, the branches you're hanging on the wall won't stand out as much.

Step 3

Cut the branches. Cut at least one of them at least as tall as the background you painted, but make several different lengths and thicknesses. Depending upon how many white trees you'd like to decorate on your wall, you'll need two or three that are quite tall, but not heavy.

Step 4

Mark the place on your painted background where you'd like the tree branches to stand, using a pencil. This creates lines that will tell you where to attach the branches to the wall. Mark them in a vertical line at least 6 inches apart; make four to six marks.

Step 5

Use an industrial staple gun to staple thick yellow ribbons on the wall where you marked on the background. Add at least four staples to each ribbon. Staple up at least four ribbons per branch that you'll hang on the wall. When you're done, it's going to look as though the white branches have yellow ribbons tied to their trunks.

Step 6

Cut six or eight pieces of wire that are long enough to fit around the bottom, thick part of the branches. Make them at least 8 or 10 inches long.

Step 7

Staple the pieces of wire into the middle of all the ribbons.

Step 8

Fasten the white tree branches to the wall using the wire and ribbons. Twist the wire around the bottoms of the branches; fasten the bottom of the branch. Then tie the ribbon around the wire and branch; this covers the wire and secures the branch. Wrap the wire around the branch first. Then tie a bow in the yellow ribbon; this covers the wire and adds additional support to the branch.

Step 9

Decorate the white birch or aspen branches with birds and nests.

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