How to Decorate a Wagon for Fall With Scarecrows

by Chelsea Fitzgerald

Scarecrows are traditionally displayed around Halloween and the fall harvest season. They make an amusing, colorful and even frightening addition to a wagon display. Decorating the wagon with this type of decor is not difficult if you use the right props and tools to prevent the scarecrow from toppling over due to weather conditions. Nature provides plenty of bounty to add inexpensive and colorful decor to the autumn scene.

Items you will need

  • Bale of hay
  • Old wooden chair or rocker
  • Sturdy cardboard box with a lid
  • Autumn leaves
  • Indian corn, gourds and pumpkins
  • Wire or heavy twine
  • Straw hat and hot glue gun (optional)
  • Stalks of corn (optional)
Step 1

Lift a bale of hay up into the wagon. Scoot it toward the back or to one side of the wagon, depending on which way you have it displayed in your landscaping. If you have limited space, set an old wooden chair or rocker or a sturdy cardboard box with a lid in the wagon.

Step 2

Set the scarecrow down on the hay bale, chair or box so it appears to be sitting like a human. Cross one of its legs over the other to give it a cocky attitude. Another option is to position one of the arms along the side of the wagon so that the scarecrow appears to be relaxing.

Step 3

Scatter a collection of fallen leaves around the base and on the hay bale itself. This adds autumn color to the display.

Step 4

Set an assortment of Indian corn, gourds and pumpkins around the hay bale and on top of it near the scarecrow. Another idea is to set a large pumpkin in the scarecrow's lap and place its hands on top or beside it.

Step 5

Secure the scarecrow to the wagon with wire or strong twine. Do this around its waist area and neck or any other part of the scarecrow that leans or may fall during a gust of wind.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add a jaunty straw hat to the top of the scarecrow's head with a hot glue gun to enhance the display.
  • Position stalks of corn next to the hay bale to add height and an eerie ambiance to the wagon scene.

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