How to Decorate for an Underwater Themed Party

by Brenda Priddy
An underwater party theme will thrill children and adults.

An underwater party theme will thrill children and adults.

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An underwater party is suitable for many kinds of parties, including a mermaid, a pirate or an ocean party theme. You can use underwater decorating for children and adult's parties. Take the decorating theme as far as you like to add to the atmosphere of the party. With just a few supplies, you can transform any room into an ocean or lake floor.

Items you will need

  • Blue and green streamers
  • Clear tape
  • Pink or white balloons
  • Pink or white streamers
  • Blue cellophane
  • Fish pictures
  • Fishing line
  • Plastic fish
  • Bubble blowing machine
  • Toy treasure
  • Sea shells
  • Sand
  • Blue light bulbs
Step 1

Tape blue and green streamers to the ceiling to mimic the appearance of floating weeds and plants under the ocean.

Step 2

Make jellyfish by blowing up white or pink balloons and taping pink streamers to the bottom of the balloons. Tape the jellyfish to the ceiling.

Step 3

Cover the walls with blue cellophane to create the illusion of being underwater. Tape pictures of fish to the walls.

Step 4

Hang plastic toy fish from the ceiling with clear fishing line.

Step 5

Place a bubble machine in the corner of the room to blow sea bubbles into the party room. Do not use a bubble machine in a room where food is out.

Step 6

Decorate party tables with loose sand, "treasure," sea shells and other underwater items.

Step 7

Scatter loose blue and green balloons around the room to add to the underwater effect.

Step 8

Switch out regular light bulbs for blue bulbs to give an underwater glow to the room.

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