How to Decorate a Shower With a Seashell Theme

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Get a variety of shells to decorate your shell-themed bathroom.

Get a variety of shells to decorate your shell-themed bathroom. Images

Shell-themed showers allow you to use real shells, along with shell-patterned accessories, to decorate your bathroom. From horseshoe crabs to mollusks, shells bring an ocean ambiance to the space. The result of your efforts will be a shower that reminds you of days spent looking for your treasures before they were pulled away by the ever-changing surf.

Items you will need

  • Paint
  • Shower appliques
  • Bathroom tile
  • Bathmat
  • Shower curtain
  • Shells
  • Shell-shaped bowl
  • Shell-shaped soap
  • Candles
Step 1

Paint the walls around the shower either a sand color or light blue. These colors represent common colors on the beach.

Step 2

Stick shell-shaped appliques on your shower's floor. These serve two purposes: they promote the shell motif in your shower and prevent slipping and falling. Select appliques that match your bathroom's colors.

Step 3

Install bathroom tile. Although all of your bathroom tile does not have to include a shell motif, you can create a tile inlay that features seashells. Lay down a strip of tiles right in front of the shower. These tiles come in many decorative styles that range from a gold or silver outline of the shell to brightly painted ceramics. Choose the tiles that best complement your bathroom's decorative style.

Step 4

Place a shell-patterned floor mat in front of the shower to prevent slipping.

Step 5

Hang a shower curtain that features a variety of seashells, including starfish, silver dollars, conch shells and others. Some shower curtains are clear with just the painted designs marking an otherwise see-through plastic curtain, while other curtains offer more privacy.

Step 6

Decorate the window sill near the shower and any shower ledges with a variety of shells. Place the taller shells in the back of the arrangement and the smaller ones up front.

Step 7

Position a shell-shaped bowl in the corner of the bathtub if you have a bathtub/shower combination. Fill the bowl with shell-shaped soaps. Or, fill the bowl with real shells and place candles on top of the display. These provide a decorative element for events like parties -- just light them to provide soft lighting for the bathroom.

Step 8

Hang a shell-encrusted mirror next to the shower. Make this craft by gluing a variety of shells onto a sturdy mirror using waterproof glue. Select shells of different sizes to create a more interesting piece.


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