How to Decorate With Room Dividers and Plants

by Nicole Schmoll
Use room dividers to create a changing area in your bedroom.

Use room dividers to create a changing area in your bedroom.

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Room dividers and plants add depth, color and natural beauty to indoor spaces. Each can be used effectively to create corners, segment rooms and add personality to rooms in a home. Styles of room dividers vary greatly from open French metalwork to Bahamas-inspired natural wood that lends a tropical feel to the room. When paired with the appropriate plants, a room divider and indoor ficus tree or palm can transform your room from open and formless to styled and chic.

Step 1

Select an overall theme for the room you want to decorate. Choose among a Japanese feel, a tropical escape, a book nook, elegant French metalwork or a modern yet cheery look inspired by bright, bold colors.

Step 2

Purchase a room divider made of three or four panels that complements the style you want to achieve in the room. Use a Shoji room divider with plain white or patterned panels featuring cherry blossoms or Japanese characters separated by light or dark wooden frames for an Asian-themed room. Pair the divider with bamboo planted in a black ceramic pot.

Step 3

Create a library out of a large living room by separating off the library space with a bookcase room divider. Fill the open spaces in the divider with books. Place photo frames, awards and small vases, old books, drinking glasses and spectacles into some of the open spaces to add character and style to your bookcase divider. Fill a few of the larger open spaces with houseplants to inject greenery into the room and prevent it from becoming too dark.

Step 4

Mark off an area of a large bedroom for a private changing area. Choose a color and style of divider that complements the bedroom's overall look. Add depth to an otherwise flat room by placing a French metalwork divider against a wall. Set a plush, elegant chair to the right or left of the screen. Slide a potted ficus tree behind the chair next to the screen to complete the look.

Step 5

Create a tropical theme in any room with a natural wood, Philippine or aquarium-themed room divider. Pair it with a potted palm tree and a dark wood ceiling fan with tropical leaf-style blades. Avoid toxic plants like philodendron or dumb cane (dieffenbachia). Ask your local nursery if you have any questions about the toxicity of a plant you're interested in decorating with.

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