How to Decorate a Little Girl's Room With Dark Furniture & Ballet Bedspreads

by Shelby Winchell

Ballet is a formalized kind of dance that dates back to the 15th century. Children who love to dance can study the art form as early as 3 years old. Ballet and ballet shoes are popular decorations for a child's bedroom, especially for little girls. You can decorate a little girl's room on budget using a ballet bedspread without having to change the type and color of your dark furniture. Use the different colors in the bedspread for inspiration when selecting accent colors for the wall decorations. A little creativity can help you transform your little ballerina's room into the bedroom of her dreams.

Items you will need

  • Pink paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Ballet shoes
  • Mirrors
  • Posters
  • White or pink dust ruffle
Step 1

Paint the walls a light pink. Pink is the color most associated with ballet. It's the color of the shoes, tutus, leotards and tights. Pink walls can complement dark furniture as the color is a direct contrast to the darker furniture shade.

Step 2

Pick one wall where there is no furniture and hang wall mirrors across it. Every ballet studio has mirrors. Hanging a row of mirrors on one wall will help your little girl feel like she's in a dance studio.

Step 3

Hang new or used ballet shoes on the wall. You can purchase ballet slippers online. If she is already taking lessons, keep the old shoes she outgrows and use them as wall decoration. The dance studio where she takes lessons may also have used dance shoes that you can have for free.

Step 4

Hang ballet posters on the walls. This will help cover any empty wall space in the room. You can purchase ballet-themed posters at your local craft store. For a more polished look, consider framing the posters.

Step 5

Add a white or pink dust ruffle to complement the ballet bedspread and dark furniture. White or pink is light enough in color that it will not only complement the bedspread but also the dark wood. You can order a dust ruffle to fit your daughter's bed online or from a department store that sells bedding.

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