How to Decorate for a Lacrosse Party

by Lindsay Howell
A lacrosse-themed birthday party can build unity among teammates.

A lacrosse-themed birthday party can build unity among teammates.

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Lacrosse has been played for hundreds of years in North America; Native Americans played the game to train themselves to become warriors. Lacrosse has gained in popularity over the past few decades and is played at high school and college levels and even professionally. If your child is on the school's lacrosse team, a lacrosse-themed birthday can help build team spirit. Involve your child in the decoration process or make the decorations in advance if you want to have a surprise birthday party.

Items you will need

  • Construction paper
  • Stencils
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Small lacrosse net
Step 1

Stencil or trace shirt outlines on colored construction paper and cut them out to make miniature lacrosse jerseys. Paint your child's jersey number on the construction paper jerseys and sprinkle glitter on the wet paint. Shake off the excess glitter. String the jerseys together in a banner, or hang them up individually in the area where the party is being held.

Step 2

Draw a basic lacrosse stick shape on construction paper and cut out the shapes. Paint the details of the stick's netting with acrylic paints. Let the paint dry and hang up the paper lacrosse sticks.

Step 3

Set up a small lacrosse net in the party area and arrange the presents in the goal. You can pass out lacrosse-themed party favors, like water bottles, with each child's name and jersey number painted on them.

Step 4

Make a lacrosse-themed cake for the party. Use colored icing to make a lacrosse jersey with your child's number and a lacrosse stick. If you are having the cake specially made, ask the baker to decorate it with the lacrosse theme in mind.

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