How to Decorate for a Kid's Motocross Dirt Bike Birthday Party

by Nick Mann
A dirt bike theme can work for boys and girls.

A dirt bike theme can work for boys and girls.

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A child's birthday party is a special event and the theme should reflect his personal interests. For children interested in dirt bikes, throwing a motocross dirt bike-themed birthday party can be a big hit and provide a memorable experience. To make the birthday party a success, it's important to plan ahead and decorate accordingly. Whether indoors or outdoors, this can be accomplished by integrating some common themes found in motocross such as black and white to represent a checkered flag.

Items you will need

  • Banner or poster board
  • Marker
  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • Birthday cake
  • Napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • Pinata
  • Candy
Step 1

Place posters or prints of motocross riders performing tricks around the party area. If the birthday party is indoors, you can place them on the wall. If it's outdoors, attach the posters to wooden stakes and stick them in the ground.

Step 2

Create starting and finish lines in two different locations. The starting line can be made with a white banner or poster board and black magic marker. To create a finish line, place one or two checkered flags in the area. If it's an indoor party, put the starting line at the entrance and the finishing line at the food and concession area. Placing them outdoors will depend upon the individual party layout.

Step 3

Put up some black-and-white streamers and balloons in various locations surrounding the party area. These can add some flair while simulating the colors of a checkered flag.

Step 4

Make a birthday cake with a dirt bike track and racers on it. This is relatively easy to do and doesn't require much artistic ability. Use black icing to create a circular track around the cake. Then place three or four miniature dirt bike racer toys on top of the track.

Step 5

Place black-and-white checkered tablecloths on all tables. Look for checkered napkins or ones depicting a dirt bike rider. This adds to the ambiance and excitement of the event.

Step 6

Hang a dirt bike-shaped pinata at the party for your child to smash. Fill it with various types of candy like lollipops, candy bars and gum. If the event is indoors, the pinata can be hung from the ceiling. If outdoors, it can be hung from a tree branch.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you know someone who owns a motocross dirt bike, consider borrowing it for the event.

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