How to Decorate for a Halloween Drinking Party

by Dave Stanley
It's easy to spruce up a cocktail party with Halloween accouterments.

It's easy to spruce up a cocktail party with Halloween accouterments.

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Halloween and drinking are often synonymous, but if cocktails and/or adult beverages are the theme, then a few extra steps must be taken when it comes to decorating. It doesn't take much -- just a few extra items to make normal beverages fit into the spirit of the holiday. The best news is that it's inexpensive and doesn't take much extra time on your part.

Items you will need

  • Halloween decorations
  • Cups
  • Drink dispensers
  • Dry ice
Step 1

Provide the usual decorations first around the house. True, the centerpiece of your Halloween drinking party will be the beverages and the decor associated with them, but the rest of the house should have the trappings of the holiday as well. Don't spend much, simply go to a party supply store, and find a few cheap banners to hang along with fake cob webs and such. Also, look into whether any liquor or convenience stores have any seasonal, beer-related displays that they're not using.

Step 2

Make a list of drinks that are already red or orange to create the blood effect and fit into the colors of the holiday, respectively. Cosmopolitans, daiquiris and screwdrivers fit the bill, for instance. Consider adding food coloring into other beverages such as beer. Green food coloring is often added to beer around St. Patrick's Day, so why not red for Halloween?

Step 3

Purchase a witch's cauldron at the party supply store and use it as a punch bowl. For added effect, consider throwing in a few fake costume limbs. The beverage can be anything you like, be it traditional spiked punch or pre-mixed daiquiris.

Step 4

Make use of dry ice whenever possible. Even if it's a simple beer cooler, dry ice with water surrounding it adds a great touch to the Halloween vibe. Place a screen or rack between the actual beverages and the dry ice, however, as it is not advisable to touch it with bare hands.

Tips & Warnings

  • To prevent guests from drinking and driving, keep a basket at the entrance to the party, and designate a sober person to keep everyone's keys in it when they enter. That person will be responsible for deciding whether party guests are capable of driving when they leave. Celebrating Halloween with adult beverages is fun, but it should be safe as well.

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