How to Decorate for a Fashion Show

by Chelsea Oliver

Fashion shows are glamorous, entertaining events that are held in a wide variety of settings, from school gymnasiums to party halls. The party area and runway require decorations that not only match the style and color palette of the clothing in the fashion show, but also do not distract the audience from the main focus. These decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Items you will need

  • Painting supplies
  • Backdrop
  • Christmas lights
  • Themed props
  • Colored table linens
  • Glass dishes
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ladder
  • Clear string
Step 1

Decide on a theme for your fashion show, such as swimwear, evening wear, 1970s or military. Use this theme as a basis for your decorations.

Step 2

Determine a color palette that matches the clothing being presented in the fashion show. Use these colors in your decorations, such as the backdrop, and when you paint the runway.

Step 3

Hang colored or white Christmas lights along the edges of the runway. If you use colored lights, choose the color based on the palette you chose in Step 2. Lights add pizzazz and also help the models to see properly.

Step 4

Separate the runway from backstage with a backdrop. Design this backdrop based on the theme of the fashion show as well as your color scheme. If having it made professionally is not within your budget, hand paint a large sheet of fabric.

Step 5

Add decorative props that match the chosen theme to the fashion show room. For a swimwear-themed fashion show, distribute beach balls of various sizes throughout the room. Use large flower bouquets for a bridal-themed event, while mosquito netting paired with green and black balloons suits a military theme.

Step 6

Dress up any tables in the room, such as for snacks and drinks, with colored linens. Add tablecloths and napkins in a color that matches the theme; create simple centerpieces by filling shallow glass dishes with sand for a swimwear fashion show or flowers for a bridal fashion show.

Step 7

Finish decorating your fashion show by hanging cardboard cutouts, which can be made easily from sheets of cardboard and paint, from the ceiling with clear string. Glittery silver stars are ideal for an evening wear-themed fashion show, while peace symbols are appropriate for a fashion show out of the 1970s.

Tips & Warnings

  • Exercise caution when climbing ladders to secure hanging decorations.