How to Decorate for Christmas With Deco Poly Mesh

by Mary Davis
Sparkling deco poly mesh is a popular decorating fabric for the holidays.

Sparkling deco poly mesh is a popular decorating fabric for the holidays. Images

Decorate your home for Christmas in elegant style. Use deco poly mesh to create a variety of decorations or wrap it around objects. The plastic mesh fabric comes in solid colors, stripes and metallic finishes. It is typically available in 2 1/2- and 4-inch widths for use as ribbon and in a 21-inch width on a roll that holds about 10 feet of mesh. Poly mesh is waterproof, making it a favorite material for indoor and outdoor use.

Items you will need

  • Deco poly mesh
  • Wire wreath frame
  • Chenille stems
  • Scissors
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Heavy-duty stapler


Step 1

Select a wire wreath frame in the size you prefer. Use larger wire circles for outdoor decorations and smaller circles for indoor wreaths.

Step 2

Unroll a few inches of 21-inch mesh in your chosen color. Gather the end of the mesh against the wire frame. Twist a gold, silver or frosted white chenille stem around the mesh to hold it against the wire.

Step 3

Gather 6 to 10 inches into a pouf-like ball. Twist a chenille stem around the bottom the gather and then around the wire frame. Continue to work around the frame, attaching a pouf of mesh about every 2 or 3 inches or to suit the fullness you desire on the wreath.

Step 4

Cut off any excess mesh. Gather and attach the end of the mesh close to where you started to gather the material. Use more than one roll of mesh if your wreath frame requires more poufs than one roll will create.

Step 5

Arrange each pouf to look as full as you like. Push the poufs together or spread them apart until you are satisfied with the look of your wreath.


Step 1

Decide what length you want a garland to be. Unroll any width of poly mesh out onto a work surface in the desired length.

Step 2

Push a chenille stem through the loop on the top of a Christmas ornament. Repeat with all the ornaments you plan to use on the garland.

Step 3

Space the ornaments evenly along the length of mesh. Twist each chenille stem around the mesh to hold the ornaments in place.

Step 4

Tie the ends of the mesh garland into loops to hang the garland.


Step 1

Wrap a Christmas tree. Begin at the top of the tree with wide or narrow mesh. Tie the end around the stem of the tree in an area hidden by the branches. Wrap the mesh in a circular and downward spiral in the gaps between the branches. Gather and twist the mesh in several places, if you wish.

Step 2

Wrap banister railings, indoors or out. Start at either end of the banister railing. Wrap the mesh around the top rail or in and out of the banister spindles. Use more than one color of mesh, if desired. Consider using wide and narrow mesh on the same banister.

Step 3

Wrap outdoor porch columns or posts. Staple narrow or wide mesh to the top of a column or post. Wind the mesh around in a circular motion until you reach the bottom of the column or post. Staple the bottom end of the mesh to hold it in place.

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