How to Decorate Baby Shower Tree Centerpiece

by Kate Stringer
Trees can make lovely centerpieces for showers.

Trees can make lovely centerpieces for showers.

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Celebrating the new life of a child is a special occasion, and friends of the mom-to-be can take part by throwing a shower. One important aspect of the shower is decorations, particularly the centerpiece for the food or gift table. Using a tree with decorations as a centerpiece is an attractive and simple way to tie in the theme and colors of the shower into one piece. There are many different ways to decorate a centerpiece tree for a baby shower.

Items you will need

  • Wire ribbon (wide)
  • Thin ribbon or silk floss
  • Ornaments or pendants
  • White lights (optional)
  • Small baby-care objects (optional)
Step 1

Assemble your tree if necessary. Place in selected container if you are using a live tree. Bronze or twig trees work well and don't require the type of care that live ones do.

Step 2

Gather baby-themed ornaments or pendants and the thin ribbon or silk floss. Silk floss works better for hanging pendants, while ornaments usually come ready to hang. Cut the ribbon/silk floss in varying lengths so that the pendants will hang at different levels, adding depth and fullness to your tree.

Step 3

Loop the silk floss or thin ribbon through the pendants and tie in a knot or small bow. This step is not necessary if you are only using ornaments. If your tree is sturdy enough and you are using baby-care items -- pacifiers, nail trimmers, thermometer, miniature scissors, small comb or brush -- attach ribbon to those items as well.

Step 4

Hang ornaments, pendants and other items on the tree. Look to make sure you did not leave empty spaces on the tree. Avoid hanging heavy ornaments on thinner or smaller branches.

Step 5

Fashion wide wire ribbon into a bow around the base of the tree. Cut off any excess ribbon.

Tips & Warnings

  • For a nice touch, place pictures of the parents-to-be or ultrasound pictures in attractive frames around the tree.
  • Consider using a string of white lights if your tree is large enough. You can also loop ribbon through the branches to add more color.

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