How to Decorate for an Adult Party

by Brenda Priddy
Adult parties focus more on company and food than decorations.

Adult parties focus more on company and food than decorations.

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Decorating for an adult party typically requires a little more refinement parties, although not always! Decorating for an adult party is not so much about creating a themed event as it is about creating a mood. Consider your audience. If your guests prefer refined occasions, then go light on decorating and focus on ambiance. If your guests are quirky, they may enjoy an over-the-top theme.

Step 1

Focus most of the decorating on the table. Spread a tablecloth that fits the theme, or decorate a plain tablecloth with fabric paints to give it character. Give each table setting a placemat or charger under the plate for a more formal party arrangement. Create a centerpiece that is large enough to stand out on the table but not large enough to block the view across the table.

Step 2

Make small place cards or drink tags for each guest. Decorate the cards or drink tags to fit the party theme, such as using stars for a 4th of July party, or Christmas trees for a holiday party. Drink tags not only add a small touch of decorative flair to the party, but they are also helpful for a party that uses real glasses so guests do not get drinks confused.

Step 3

Clear a small area of the house for dancing. Hang metallic curtains from nearby walls or windows, and hang a small disco ball from the ceiling. Shine a light onto the ball or curtains to add a glittery glow to the dance floor.

Step 4

Push back furniture to the wall. Remove any knickknacks that could get knocked over easily, and store them in an unused room. Remove excess pillows from furniture. Scatter coasters around low and high surfaces, such as shelves and ottomans.

Step 5

Place vases of flowers throughout the house, especially in the bathroom. This will bring life and vibrancy to your home. Place candles throughout the house to add a soft glow to the party. Use traditional candle holders, or make your own from hollowed out vegetables or even small plates, as long as each candle has something to catch dripping wax.

Step 6

Hang mirrors in smaller rooms to make them appear larger. This will not only make guests feel more comfortable, but reflecting the dim lights, candles and other decorations in the room will enhance the overall beauty of the room.

Step 7

Switch out bright light bulbs for lower wattage bulbs. This will give the house a soft glow and set a calming mood.

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