Decor Ideas for a Black & White Themed Party

by Jennifer Mullett

Set the stage for your black and white party theme with a black and white party invitation. The invitation will set the tone (and the color palette) for your party. Decorate the party location with black and white accents, design a theme-inspired menu, and add music for a classic take on a black and white theme party.


Look for decorative black and white tablecloths with patterns such as damask, gingham, checkers and polka dots. Use stark white dishware and black cloth napkins tied with white ribbon. Drape curtains and panels of fabric on the walls or paper them with black and white paper such as newsprint or vintage sheet music, to mask existing decor and unify the black and white theme. Hang black, white and silver stars from the ceiling with lengths of black and white ribbon or string.

Food and Drinks

Black chips with creamy white artichoke dip paired with individual mozzarella and black olive pizzas are ideal options for the meal and will add to your decor. Another idea for the main is a blackened chicken breast served over fettuccine Alfredo. For dessert, make dark chocolate cheesecake adorned with white chocolate-covered strawberries or cream cheese frosted cupcakes with dark chocolate wafers inserted vertically for decoration. Create a special party drink such as a pina colada blended drink (with or without alcohol) dressed up with a few blackberries speared on a black straw. Other drink ideas include a black Russian or plain cola with a dollop of whipping cream.

Flowers and Decorations

Decorate the buffet table with white lilies, tulips, roses or peonies and sprigs of dark greenery. The florist may be able to spray or dye some of the blooms or greenery for the black and white effect. Create black and white vignettes with candles placed on a tray or mirror. Mix handfuls of black and white beads, seashells or trinkets around the black and white candles for sparkle. Guest tables can be decorated with the candles or float a single white bloom in a black bowl. Balloons and streamers used sparingly will add to the theme.

Giveaways and Party Favors

Black and white snapshots of guests make ideal black and white party giveaways. Either use a Polaroid camera or set up a laptop with a photo printer and give guests a photo as they leave. Consider black and white patterned picture frames to go with the photos. Other ideas include black and white sunglasses in outrageous shapes (especially for the guys), or a small recipe book featuring the black and white recipes served at the party. Line the party favors up on a table next to the buffet table and the black and white favors will add to the decor until you hand them out.

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