How to Deal With Your Boyfriend Going to a Bachelor Party

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Some bachelor parties are a simple guys-night-out event.

Some bachelor parties are a simple guys-night-out event.

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When men get married, they typically have bachelor parties to celebrate the last days of bachelorhood with their friends. The parties range from crazy nights on the town with strippers and other risque behavior to laidback guys' nights out at the local pool hall or sports bar. Some females, however, have the image that every bachelor party is of the crazy-night-out variety and are nervous when their boyfriends are invited to join the festivities. There are ways to deal with boyfriends attending bachelor parties without extra worry or stress.

Step 1

Talk to your boyfriend before the big event. Honesty in a relationship leads to successful unions, so tell him you are nervous about the party. Ask him about the possible events and don't overreact if he mentions strippers or other women. Discuss what you believe is acceptable behavior and what he believes is acceptable behavior. This conversation will clear up expectations between you and your boyfriend.

Step 2

Plan a night out for yourself when your boyfriend heads out with his buddies. Sitting at home wondering what he is doing will become maddening. Invite some girlfriends to come with you and hit the club, see a movie, attend a concert or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing with your friends.

Step 3

Talk about the bachelor party only if he brings up the subject. In a trusting relationship, a girlfriend knows her boyfriend adhered to the acceptable behavior discussed in step one. Curiosity will be abundant; do not give in to it by asking your man a list of questions. Let him come to you and tell you what happened, and if he doesn't, let it go.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't get angry with your boyfriend if he expresses a desire to attend a bachelor party. Calmly tell him your thoughts on the topic, but if he wants to go, let him.

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