Daytona Area Hotels

by Nannie Kate

Daytona, Florida, rocks with events and tourists most of the year. The town hosts families on vacation, college students taking a break from studies, racing fans and motorcycle enthusiasts. With so many hotels in the area from which to choose, it won't be hard to find just the right accommodations for your needs.


Hotel rooms can be found all over the Daytona area with concentrations in certain areas. Many hotels in Daytona are near the boardwalk and pier area, the hub of Daytona. Visitors who come for the quintessential Daytona Beach experience will want to find accommodations near this iconic section. After all, the first car races were held on the sand here and the beach became a legend with the first spring breakers. Another concentration of hotels can be found west, by I-95 and the Daytona Speedway. Race fans who want to be near the action prefer to stay here, and the Ramada Speedway sits across the street from the racetrack. Visitors looking for quieter locations will find comfortable accommodations in the Daytona Beach Shores area, which runs from lower Daytona Beach to the Port Orange Bridge.

Event Considerations

In a place like Daytona, prices can fluctuate wildly not just because of normal tourist season but also because of the many events held here each year. With such happenings as Speed Week, Bike Week, Biketoberfest, spring break and Black College Week, prices tend to stay higher than in other tourist areas. These events bring more visitors than will fit into the available accommodations and even the hotels in outlying areas get filled to capacity. Look for special offers and deals, but expect to pay more than during non-event weeks.

Luxury Vs. Budget

Daytona has something to offer for every type of budget. Those with lots of money to spend on their vacations have the option of luxury hotels with plenty of upscale amenities such as fine dining, deluxe spas and golfing options. The Ocean Walk Daytona offers full kitchens in one- two- and three-bedroom suites. Those with more moderate budgets can find family-style hotels along the beach. No-frill hotels are the least expensive and are perfect for the visitor who will be spending very little time in the room, opting for sun worshiping, visiting attractions, attending events and pub crawling instead. Ocean Court offers simple accommodations with kitchen areas for families on a budget.

Families, Including Pets

Child-friendly hotels in Daytona include those that have special provisions for entertaining children such as video games, game rooms or playground areas. Some hotels offer babysitting services so parents can have dinner out or attend a concert or other event. Some hotels in the Daytona area allow pets in the room, generally with weight restrictions. Deposits are often required and certain rules must be followed. Dogs are not allowed on the beach in Daytona, and when they are walked elsewhere, owners must clean up after them.

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