Day-Glo Paint Party Tips

by Gerald Fuller
The only difference between a rave and a Day-Glo party is the paint.

The only difference between a rave and a Day-Glo party is the paint.

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Day-Glo is a daylight fluorescent pigment that appears to glow even during the day. Day-Glo paint parties began on Florida college campuses in 2006. While different parties have different hosts and guests, you can expect the same thing at all of them: a large black-lit room filled with dancers and revelers, painted all over with glow-in-the-dark paint. These parties now happen everywhere, and some of the larger gatherings feature DJs and recording artists. Throwing your own large Day-Glo party can be challenging because of the large amount of equipment and space needed. Any dance party can be converted into a Day-Glo party with just a blacklight and some glow-in-the dark paint.


A Day-Glo party requires a large space, because lots of people will be dancing while spraying paint and aerosol string all over each other. The musicians or DJs will also need a place to perform while party-goers will desire a conveniently located bar. Throwing a large party in a large space may attract attention from local law enforcement; so rent an empty warehouse space or throw the party outdoors in a field to avoid this.


While you can simply play music over a few loud speakers, an authentic Day-Glo party should have a professional DJ or band playing fast-and-loud dance music. A DJ mixing electronic dance melodies with break beats and even a dub-step baseline makes for very good Day-Glo party music. Pop-electronica is not the only suitable form of music for Day-Glo parties. If you are hiring a band, choose one that can play electronic dance music as well as funk and even disco. If you can dance to it, it has a place at the Day-Glo party.


Aside from all of the usual rave lighting -- strobe lights, black lights and disco balls for reflection -- consider using LED stage lightning. LED -- or "light emitting diode" -- lighting systems weigh less than normal lighting fixtures, use less power and produce less heat as a result. Fixtures containing three primary-colored LEDs -- red, blue and yellow -- have significant color variation due to the fact that these colors can be mixed in various ways to produce any other color on the spectrum.


If you are painting yourself before the party, wash yourself before applying the paint because it will adhere to clean skin better than greasy skin. Any painting done at the party will be largely ceremonious, as everyone will be sweating from lots of dancing. When painting your location, follow general painting guidelines -- even, multiple layers will produce the best look. Porous surfaces will need to be primed before applying any paint. Glow-paint manufacturers make "daytime" paint, which is easily replaced with regular paint, as their functions are the same. Glow paint will only appear under black light, so glow paint applied over red paint will appear red during the day and then show the glow color when black-lit in the dark.

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