David Cross Novels

by Clayton Yuetter

David Cross has become one of the most distinguished voices in comedy. He is most recognized for his role on "Arrested Development," although he also stars in "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" and "Running Wilde." Although he has not published any novels, he has written a nonfiction collection called "I Drink for a Reason."

About "I Drink for a Reason"

In real life, Cross is known for answering his critics and calling out his detractors. "I Drink for a Reason" is no different. He mixes comedic absurdity with deep bitterness in a style that appears irreverent but genuine. Many of the pieces are short and to the point, packing the "laugh out loud" moments into every page. The book was published in 2010 and received favorable reviews from most of his comedic peers.

Response to the Book

After picking up his role in "Arrested Development" and subsequent shows, Cross' comedy took a back seat to his acting career. To some of his fans, "I Drink for a Reason" was seen to be a possible comeback to comedy. The book was generally well received by Cross' fans and the comedy world. The actor Paul Rudd offered the quip "One of the funniest books I've ever skimmed!" when reviewing it. Although most online reviews admit it has plenty of funny moments, some feel it is slightly disjointed as a whole, mixing long, thoughtful essays with short nonsense pieces.

David Cross on His Book

When the A.V. Club, a media subset of Onion Inc., asked Cross if he ever had any deep literary aspirations in writing this book, he promised that he didn't, but he did "like the idea of something tangible." He tells of how a literary agent he never met called him out of the blue and asked if he wanted to write a book. He also explains that after writing a long, reflective piece for it, he felt the need to be "goofy," resulting in its non sequitur nature.

Feuds With Other Comedians

One of the topics he addresses in "I Drink for a Reason" is his ongoing feuds with Larry the Cable Guy and Jim Belushi. Cross has attacked Larry the Cable Guy for promoting "anti-intellectual" pride and capitalizing on racism and ignorance. The book also reveals the source of the conflict with Belushi, stating that it started in a casino when Cross approached Belushi to help get a sick child his autograph.