Daughter-Father Dance for Spanish Weddings

by Mary Sharp
The father-daughter dance at a Spanish wedding is a special time for the bride and her dad.

The father-daughter dance at a Spanish wedding is a special time for the bride and her dad.

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The father-daughter dance is a special event at any wedding. It is a time when the bride's father, after "giving her away" to her new husband, can share a dance with his little girl. If you are planning a Spanish wedding, there are several ways that you can make the father-daughter dance memorable and fun.

Dance Style

Traditionally, the father-daughter wedding dance is a slow dance but there is no rule that says it has to be. If you would rather have an up-beat, faced-paced song, this could be a fun way to break with tradition. At a Spanish wedding, it is important to incorporate Spanish culture within the dance. Incorporating flamenco steps into the father-daughter dance is a good way to bring in an important cultural tradition. This can be done with slow flamenco music or fast-beat music. With a faced-paced flamenco dance, you can even get the guests clapping along. If you are unfamiliar with the traditional flamenco steps, or are a little rusty, taking lessons before the big day can help. It's also a great way to have some father-daughter bonding time before the wedding festivities begin.


One of the most important elements to the father-daughter dance is the song. There are several Spanish-language songs that have appropriate lyrics for a father-daughter dance. They include Julio Iglesias's "De Niña A Mujer," Lucho Barrios's "Mi Niña Bonita" and Piero's "Mi Viejo."


Traditionally, the father-daughter dance occurs after the bride and groom's first dance as a couple. At some weddings, the groom dances with his mother at the same time that the bride dances with her father. If the bride has more than one father (a step-father, for example), often she dances with both, one for half of the song and the other for the other half. If the bride's father is not present, she often dances with another close male relative such as a brother or grandfather.


Whether or not you decide to take professional lessons, it is still important to prepare for the father-daughter dance to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. If you have a live band performing the song, make sure that they have the sheet music (for all of the instruments) and lyrics ahead of time. Ask that they perform the song for you a few times before the wedding day, so that you know you like the way it sounds. If a DJ will be playing the song, double check that he has the right CD and track and that he knows when you are your father will be performing the dance. Go through the song at least once with your father, either practicing choreographed dance moves or just getting used to the music. This will help ease your nerves and allow you to enjoy the moment when the wedding day arrives.

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