Danish Crafts for Children

by Jennifer Mullett
Browse Danish books from the library for inspiration.

Browse Danish books from the library for inspiration.

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Introduce crafts with a worldly flavor into your children's craft time. Whether you wish to unite the kids with their Danish roots and make traditional Danish Christmas crafts or let his imagination run wild with a Viking ship craft, many options are available to incorporate ideas from Denmark. Older kids can follow step-by-step instructions but the younger set may need help with cutting or assembly.

Paper Crafts

Paper hearts are a traditional Danish Christmas craft kids can make and use as a decoration for the tree or fill with small candies for a gift. Templates for the hearts and other shapes can be found online. Use two pieces of construction paper in contrasting colors. Cut paper according to the template and weave the heart together to form a small heart-shaped basket. This craft can also be done for Valentine's Day if you use red, pink, violet and white paper. Fill the Valentine with heart-shaped candies.

Window Cuttings

Have the kids draw, cut and paste Danish-inspired pictures to form little pictures you can hang in the window. Castles, Vikings, favorite vacation spots, the Danish flag, and other Danish images can be used. For younger kids help them do the cutting. Assemble the cutouts with glue and embellish the finished piece with glitter and stickers or leave them as is. Thread each finished piece with string or embroidery thread and hang from a window in the kid's room. Hang a grouping of the cuttings in a kitchen window. Tailor the craft to the time of year and create Easter or Christmas cuttings.

Viking Crafts

Pay homage to the Vikings with a dragon-headed Viking ship. Use empty cartons such as milk or juice containers for the base of the ship. The ship can be as basic or as ornate as you wish depending on how you decorate it. Cut the carton in half lengthwise to form the base. Cut a dragon's head out of the other half of the carton. Glue it in place and begin embellishing the ship with a sail, mast, oars and decorations. Use a combination of stickers and felt pens to decorate the ship. Another idea is to have the kids draw their own Viking ships.

LEGO Crafts

LEGO originated in Denmark and has been a mainstay in most toy boxes since its inception. For a LEGO-inspired craft, use empty milk cartons that have been cleaned and dried. Fold the top of the carton down and tape it in place to create a rectangle. Cover the outside of the cartons with colored wrapping paper or construction paper in the standard LEGO colors such as red, blue, yellow or white. Glue beverage container lids to the top of the container to resemble a LEGO block. Paint the lids the same color as the paper. Kids can use the blocks for play or to create a centerpiece for a party.

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