Dancing Places in Waukegan, Illinois

by Candice Coleman

Students looking to learn different dance forms, or those who view dancing as healthy exercise, will find many opportunities and instructors in and around the city of Waukegan, Illinois. Several clubs, bars and bowling alleys cater to adults looking for a night out on the town. Call clubs or class instructors ahead of time regarding cover charges or other fees.

Educational Dance Classes

Waukegan's Rhythm Academy of Dance (rhythmacademy.com) features three dance instructors experienced in stage dance, ballet and Latin dance. Students can take classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, belly dance, salsa, tap, modern, African, swing or polka dancing. Prospective students can also take a 10-mile trip from Waukegan to Libertyville's Talent Forum (talentforum.biz). The Talent Forum offers children and adults classes in dance forms such as Poms, tap and contemporary.

Children's Dance Classes

Kids with a competitive streak can enjoy learning and competing at Jenny's Dance Centre (jennysdancecentre.com) in Green Oaks, about 9 miles south of Waukegan. Children must adhere to the Centre's dress code, such as wearing longer hair in a bun or ponytail at all times. Class offerings include yoga, ballet, pointe and hip hop. Take the kids 4 miles east to the city of Gurnee to visit The Little Gym of Gurnee (thelittlegym.com), where kids ages 3 to 12 can take dance classes.

Exercise Dance Classes

Blast calories off and get into shape at Waukegan's Latin Rhythms (zumbasandrastyle.com) where you can register for Zumba classes, in which students follow along to an instructor's dance moves while listening to Latin or international music. Kingdom Fitness (kingdom-fitness.com) also offers Zumba classes plus step aerobics for dance enthusiasts.

Dance Clubs and Bars

Adults looking for late-night dancing partners can head to a few spots in and around Waukegan. The Alley of Highwood (bowlhighwood.com) in Highwood, about 15 miles from Waukegan, features dancing and live entertainment. After 11 p.m., all entrants must be 21 or older. The Sundance Saloon (sundancesaloon.com) in Waukegan features country and rock performers, a bar and a dance floor.

About the Author

Candice Coleman worked in the public school system as a middle school and high school substitute teacher. In addition to teaching, she is also a tutor for high school and college students.