Dancing Clown Craft

by Sarah Freeman
Use lots of colors when creating a dancing clown craft.

Use lots of colors when creating a dancing clown craft.

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Clowns bring laughter, joy and wonderment -- especially when these silly characters are dancing around a room. Create a variety of dancing clown crafts using a few materials you probably already have at home. When the crafts are finished, use your dancing clown creations to put on a performance for friends to show off all of the character's zany moves.

Bouncing Clown

Create a clown that's ready to cut a rug in a just a few steps. Begin by drawing the clown's body on a piece of sturdy paper, such as recycled file folders. When sketching the clown, draw each section of his body separately, including his forearms, lower arms and hands, as well as his head, body and upper and lower legs. Fill in the design with bright colors. Connect the pieces at the joints with brad nails, which have two prongs that can be flattened in either direction. Punch a hole and tie an elastic string through the top of the clown. Bounce the string to watch the clown dance in all sorts of silly moves.

Twirling Paper Plate Clown

Use paper plates, a pencil, beads and yarn to make a one-of-a-kind dancing clown craft. Begin by drawing a clown face on two separate paper plates. Add some flair by gluing on a red pom-pom for the funny man's iconic nose. Make some hair that will fly through the air with every dance move by stringing beads on pieces of yarn. Place a pencil or other rounded stick between the paper plates and glue them together, then make holes around the outside of the plates and thread the beaded strings through. Put the pencil between the palms of your hands and move them back and forth to send the clown and his hair twirling around.

Flip Book

Make a cartoon to bring a dancing clown to life. Start with a stack of blank note cards. On the first card, sketch a picture of a clown. On the next card, draw the same picture, but this time with the clown having slightly moved in his dance. Continue to animate the clown's dance moves by drawing the same clown picture with subtle movements from one page to the next. Punch a hole through all the pages and connect them with a sturdy string or brad nail. Use your thumb to flip through the pages of the book and watch your clown dance across the pages.

Clown Hat

If you want to become a dancing clown, make a colorful hat and bouncy hair to fit the part. Create a cone hat by rolling a half-circle-shaped piece of paper and stapling it in place. Decorate this pointed cap with polka dots cut from construction paper and glue a pom-pom on top. Cut strips of colorful gift ribbon and curl the strands by running them between the blade of open scissors and your thumb (a step adults should help children achieve). Tape these ribbons around the bottom of the hat. Attach a looped string around the bottom to place the hat atop a dancing clown's head.

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