How to Do the Dance the "Tootsie Roll"

by Alexis Rohlin

"Tootsee Roll" is a catchy dance song by the rapper group 69 Boyz that was released in 1994. "Tootsee Roll" became a hot song to play at nightclubs and dances and can still be heard at weddings and dance clubs. The song works like a country line dance -- the rapper gives you the steps and directions that you dance to in time with the music. The "tootsie roll" dance involves side steps and doing the "butterfly" with your legs. Dance the "tootsie roll" with your friends at your next night out on the town and have a great time.

Step 1

Listen to the lyrics of the "Tootsee Roll" song as it starts. You are going to follow the directions the singer gives you as the song goes along, so pay attention. During the first line, "Cotton candy sweet as gold," hold your right hand out in front of you and move it in a circle as if you were making cotton candy.

Step 2

Do the "tootsie roll" when the singer says the words. Stand on your toes, stick your back end out behind you, bend your knees and open and close your legs, bringing your knees together and apart, similar to the butterfly dance move.

Step 3

Step along with the lyrics when you hear "to the left" and "to the right" by sliding your foot out into position or doing a two-step side step. Step-slide your left foot to the left and back in. Step-slide your right foot to the right and back in along with the lyrics. Step-slide to the front and to the back.

Step 4

Dip down when you hear "dip, baby, dip" by stepping out to your right, bending your left knee, dropping your back end down toward the floor and coming back up. Step to your left, dip down by bending your right knee and drop your back end down to the floor and back up.

Step 5

Pump your right fist in the air when you hear "Just I feel a whoop comin' up"; pump your fist into the air on the word "whoop." Repeat the dance motions along with the lyrics and dance the rest of the song in the same manner.