Dance Steps for the Grapevine

by Sarah Clark

The Grapevine is a dance step that focuses on stepping to the side and crossing the feet in front of and behind each other. Traditional folk dances throughout the world and modern line dancing moves use variations of the Grapevine. It can be performed by constantly moving in a single direction or by stepping to the left or the right. The simplicity of the dance makes it appropriate for beginners and diverse music types.

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Endless Grapevine Sequence

Perform an endless Grapevine sequence by stepping to the right, crossing your left foot in front of the right foot, stepping to the right and crossing your left foot behind your right foot. Continue repeating this pattern as a constant loop. You can also move to the left instead of the right and cross in front and behind with your right foot. This move is especially useful when dancing with several people in a circle.

Grapevine to the Right

Perform a Grapevine to the right by stepping to the right, crossing the left foot in front of the right foot, stepping to the right again and crossing your left foot behind the right foot. End the step by tapping your left foot against your right foot. An alternative to tapping your left foot is to scuff it or stomp it on the fourth beat of the sequence.

Grapevine to the Left

Perform a Grapevine to the left by stepping to the left, crossing the right foot in front of the left foot, stepping to the left again and crossing the right foot behind the left foot. End the step by tapping the right foot against the left foot. As with the Grapevine to the right, you can choose to stomp or scuff your right foot rather than tapping it against the left. You can alternate between doing the Grapevine to the left and the Grapevine to the right to dance in place.


Shimmying is a way to add extra body movement to your regular Grapevine dance steps. Move your right shoulder forward as you move your left shoulder back, then move your left shoulder forward and your right shoulder back. The movements of your shoulder should be in time with the music to which you are dancing, and coordinate with the steps your feet are making. You can also make a fast shaking or shuddering movement with your shoulders to shimmy as you dance the Grapevine.

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