Dance Schools for Teens in New York

by Jay Leone

There are several dance schools located throughout the state of New York. Many of these institutions are located in Manhattan and around the New York City area. A good percentage of these schools feature dance programs geared toward teenage boys and girls. Dancing is one way of keeping teens active, and there are many benefits linked with dance and dancing. Dance schools expose teenagers to the many different styles of dancing practiced across the globe.


Many dance schools in New York offer dance programs for teenagers and young adults. The Broadway Dance Center ( faculty includes more than 80 highly-trained dance professionals. Peridance Capezio Center ( offers courses for teenagers at all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. Socapa ( offers intermediate- to advanced-level teenage dance classes. The American Youth Dance Theater ( also offers a wide range of dance classes for teenagers.


The Broadway Dance Center offers jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap and a whole host of other dance classes for teenagers. It offers over 200 different classes each week in its 23,000 sq. ft. facility. The PeriTeen Program at Peridance Capezio Center features dance programs in disciplines such as salsa, musical theater, ballet and jazz. The American Youth Dance Center is located in New York's upper east side and offers classical ballet, tap and hip-hop dance classes. At Socapa School of Creative & Performing Arts, teenagers can enroll in hip-hop or contemporary jazz dance classes. Music theater, African and break dancing specialty classes are also available at this institution.


Certain dance schools in the New York area offer high school students college credits for completing dance programs. Long Island University's School of Visual and Performing Arts ( offers a three-week dance program that leads to three college credits upon completion. These credits transfer to most universities and colleges.


Studying dance offers several physical benefits. Dancers can develop great muscle tone, strength and posture through years of dancing. Dancing can also help improve body alignment and flexibility. Many teenagers do not engage in much physical activity in their daily lives, and are generally inactive. Dancing and dance classes can be very engaging, offering a full cardio workout.