Dance Party Themes for a Teenage Girl

by Lauren Griffin
A dance party is sure to be a blast for a teenage girl.

A dance party is sure to be a blast for a teenage girl.

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With some loud music and best friends, a dance party is bound to be a theme any teenage girl will enjoy. While any dance party features good beats, the hottest music and lots of girls hitting the dance floor, a special theme will give any dance party its own personal feel.

Clubbing It

Capture the essence of a club in New York City by transforming a living room or reception hall into a raging club. Set the scene by turning the lights low and plugging in strobe lights, disco balls and other flashing, colorful lights. While a playlist and a good set of speakers will do, a DJ can master the beats and feed into the energy of the crowd. For a cool effect, hand out glow sticks to dancers on the floor so they can whirl them in the air.

Beach Party Luau

Celebrate the warm weather with a tropical-themed dance party. Invite the girls to the beach, where they will be greeted with leis and grass skirts. Set up some tiki torches around an area for dancing and blast some favorite summer tunes. Girls who are lucky enough to own a pool can skip the beach and throw a dance party luau on the side of the pool. With cheery summer music filling the air, girls can splash in the pool or dance nearby.

Hollywood Dance

Girls looking for a glamorous evening will love a Hollywood dance party. Invite guests to show up wearing only their finest attire, from form-fitting dresses and satin gloves to sparkly princess gowns. Be sure to line the way with a plush red carpet. Inside, girls sip sparkling cider in champagne glasses and snack on delectable hors d'oeuvres before hitting the dance floor to show off their moves. Even if the music isn't classy, the girls will feel as though they are famous stars.

Pretty in Pink

Let color inspire a super-feminine dance party, perfect for a pink-loving teenage girl. Cover the venue in pink, from wall hangings to rugs. Other pink decorations, such as pale-colored string lights or fuchsia paper lanterns, can help the room glow a rosy shade of pink. Guests can embody the theme, too: instruct them to show up wearing as much pink as they can. On the dance floor, blast tunes such as "Pink" by Aerosmith, "Geek in the Pink" by Jason Mraz and "Pink Houses" by John Mellencamp.

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