Dance Party Ideas for Adults

by Gina Scott
The 50s is a fun decade for an adult dance theme.

The 50s is a fun decade for an adult dance theme.

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When you're a teenager, you are afforded many opportunities to join your friends at a dance. However, as you grow older, those situations greatly diminish. Except for an occasional dance at a wedding or a night at a bar, adults may not have too many chances to cut loose on the dance floor. Hosting a dance party for your adult friends can attract enthusiastic participants if you choose a fun theme.

Sadie Hawkins

Asking someone on a date is almost always a nerve-wracking experience. Give the guys a break from having to pursue by hosting a Sadie Hawkins dance. This tradition came from the "Li'l Abner" comic strip where one of the settler's daughters was apparently so unattractive, she was unable to get married. Therefore, her father set up a Sadie Hawkins Day where his daughter could meet all of the available men in town. You can take this theme as far as you want, even having the guests playfully dress up like the other gender or have the girls give the guys corsages.

Decade Theme

Choose a decade that best represents the adult population of your dance for a theme. A fun option is a 50s dance where you can recreate a sock hop from the era and play early rock and roll music. An 80s theme is also a popular choice, with endless options for hairstyles and outrageous shoulder pad-clad outfits.


Throw your adults back in time by having them revisit their high school days. Encourage everyone to wear an old prom dress or ruffly tuxedo. Decorate with streamers, and serve traditional punch and appetizers to fully enjoy this theme.

Square Dance

For a different spin, host a square dance for your grown-up friends. Organize a traditional hoedown by decorating with bales of hay and western paraphernalia. Locate a professional caller to shout out directions, and your guests are sure to brag about what a great time they had.

TV Show Theme

One activity that bonds adults together is sharing weekly reports about the latest episode of their favorite television show. Have guests dress like characters from the series, play music that has been featured in some of the episodes and serve food reminiscent of the show. For example, you could use the series "Lost" as a theme, as it provides many elements to use for decorations and food items, such as airplanes and snacks typically provided on flights.

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