Dance Music Games for Adult Parties

by Ariel Waters
Dance music games are not just for kids.

Dance music games are not just for kids.

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Dance games are available for a variety of gaming systems, but they are not just for children and teens. Adults who stay young at heart can enjoy games like Dance Central, DanceDanceRevolution, Everybody Dance and Michael Jackson - The Experience. Dance music games for adult parties offer one-on-one and multi-player options.

Michael Jackson - The Experience

Based on the outstanding career and dancing skills of "King of Pop," "Michael Jackson - The Experience" is available for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 (requires move motion controller), Xbox 360 (requires Kinect system), PSP and Nintendo DS and 3DS. Multiplayer, single player, jump-in and jump-out and dance crew options are available on all systems. As of July 2011, the price of this game varied based on the gaming system. For example, the game is available for Xbox and PlayStation for $49.99.


Made by Konami, DanceDanceRevolution started as an arcade sensation. Now, the game is available for PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 game consoles. However, you need to have the appropriate dance game pad. A variety of different games are available for DanceDanceRevolution including "Hottest Dance Party" versions one through three. Play with up to four people and compete against your friends for bragging rights. The game, with the dance pad, cost $39.99 as of July 2011.

Dance Central

Microsoft makes "Dance Central" for Xbox 360 Kinect. It has material that may not be suitable for anyone under 13, making it ideal for adult dance parties. The game has routines suitable for the most advanced and first-time players. As of July 2011, the game cost approximately $45 on

Everybody Dance

Sony created "Everybody Dance" for PlayStation 3. This game requires the Move Motion Controller to play, but the manufacturers are not releasing the game until October 18, 2011. Preorder the game from for $39.99 as of July 2011. It offers more than 40 musical numbers with the official music videos to some of your favorite songs. Also, you can take pictures and videos and upload them to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, learn the dance moves in small choreographed sections, challenge your friends and create your own dance moves in the Dance Creator.

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