Dance Halls in Elsa, Texas

by Lauren Griffin

Elsa is a quintessential small town in southern Texas, perched just north of the Mexican border. While this quiet place doesn't boast the attractions and excitement of bigger cities, Elsa and some of its neighboring towns have a handful of dance halls that provide the town's residents with entertainment. These venues provide both low-key, casual events and fancier, more formal ones.

The dance halls

Elsa, Texas, is home to two dance halls. The Full Court Dance Hall (no website; 1817 North Broadway Street, Elsa; 956-262-9022) is near the center of town and the Delta Ballroom (no website, 9259 Mile 17 1/2 Road North, Elsa; 956-262-2600) is further out on the Elsa's outskirts. El Gallito Dance Hall (no website; 500 N Val Verde Road, Edinburg; (956-316-0788), less than five miles away, provides another option. A handful of other dance halls are within a 30-minute drive from Elsa, such as El Toro Dance Hall (no website; 9540 Business 77, Lyford; 956-347-2530), George's Dance Hall ( and Marlene's Dance Hall (no website; 3319 N Ware Road, Mcallen; 956-618-3993).

Public Events

Elsa's numerous dance halls host public events for residents who are looking to kick back and have fun. At Full Court Dance Hall, residents enjoy drinks, listen to music, spend time with friends, listen to the DJ spin popular dance music, and show off their moves on the dance floor. The Full Court Dance Hall and El Toro Dance Hall celebrate the region's Mexican heritage by frequently hosting events featuring well known Tejano and Conjunto bands, which play traditional Texan and Mexican tunes. While some events are free, many concerts and special events, such as New Years Eve, require a cover charge or pre-ordered tickets.

Private Events

When it comes to the most special events in people's lives, residents of Elsa rely on the area's dance halls. Venues like the Delta Ballroom, El Gallito Dance Hall, El Toro Dance Hall, George's Dance Hall and Marleen's Dance Hall all provide spaces for private, formal affairs. While the locations may differ, each venue offers simple yet tasteful decor, polished wooden dance floors and ample space for a band or DJ that make them ideal for large, important events that involve dancing. The local dance halls provide venues for wedding receptions, graduation parties, charity events, sweet sixteen parties and quinceaneras -- celebrations of a girl's 15th birthday.


Elsa's dance halls make it easy to plan social events, whether its large weddings or small work functions. Along with tables and chairs, venues like El Gallito Dance Hall and George's Dance Hall offer a variety of packages that provide everything from decorations to catering and cakes. Along with hosting public and private events, Elsa's dance halls also provide space for other events, which make them a significant part of the community. Full Court Dance Hall is just one of the local dance halls that offers dance lessons, from private group lessons for children to community traditional southwestern sessions for teens and adults.

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