Dallas Cowboys Game Room Ideas

by Terry Mulligan
Root for the Cowboys in a dedicated game room.

Root for the Cowboys in a dedicated game room.

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Call it a game room, a man cave or a media room -- no self-respecting Dallas Cowboy fanatic should be without a dedicated space to watch the game of their beloved team. In addition to a 55-inch flat screen TV to follow the action, a Dallas Cowboy Game room should be the ultimate fan's hideaway, and no one should not have to guess which team they should be rooting for.


Set the mood right from the start. Mount your flat screen TV on a wall painted Dallas Cowboy blue and add large Dallas Cowboy stars across the top of the wall, keeping the wall simple so it doesn't interfere with the main event: watching the game. Go bold with the adjoining walls with life-size murals of the infamous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on one side and life-size mural of the team in action on the other.


When it comes to selecting a floor for your game room, take a break from all the blue on the walls and other items to make your game room more lively. Install a green and white game field underfoot. The luxury version of this floor would be plush, custom green carpet inset with white field lines and yardage numbers. If that's not in the budget, opt for a novelty football field area rug.

Furniture and Accessories

There is certainly no lack of items available in the Dallas Cowboy NFL theme. Invest in at least one NFL blue microfiber blue den chair with a matching ottoman so the top fan in the house can watch the game in the ultimate style and comfort. Add more if the budget permits. Include additional seating with blue and white bar stools or benches. Go wild with the accessories. Purchase pennants, lighting fixtures, clocks, beer mugs, cocktail glasses, popcorn bowl sets with the Dallas Cowboy star to decorate the space like a true fan.

Game Room Activities

In addition to the flat screen TV and any NFL Wii games you can get your hands on, outfit the game room with a Dallas Cowboy Dart board, pool table or foosball table and a full food and beverage service station to make sure you never run out of things to do or refreshments to enjoy in the area Add a Dallas Cowboy tabletop football game to an end table for a quick diversion during the commercials and you'll be all set for any game day.


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