Da Nang, Vietnam, Hotels

by Edwin Thomas

Da Nang is described as a place that "combines the buzz of a bigger city with beautiful beaches and great restaurants" by Lonely Planet, and the city has a range of accommodations in both the city and on the beach. Business travelers may find themselves attracted to the former, since Da Nang is a boom town and one of Vietnam's most important ports. Tourists may prefer to stay by the sea; Da Nang is among Vietnam's top beach destinations.


Da Nang was where the first American combat troops came ashore in 1965, and it became one of the most important air bases in the former South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The final US ground combat operations in 1972 also took place around Da Nang. The city has little in the way of museums or important monuments, but the history of the Vietnam pervades the area. Even the beaches of Da Nang have some wartime history -- one of them is China Beach, made famous by the 1990s television series.

Bamboo Green Hotel

Frommer's labels The Bamboo Green as the best hotel inside the city, and it earned a "very highly recommended" rating from the travel guide. The six-floor, 64-room hotel is oriented toward business travelers, with three conference halls with a view of the Han River and a capacity of up to 250 people. The rooms are spacious, furnished in a mid-range hotel fashion, and have marble bathrooms. For travelers who overstay their visas, the hotel even has an in-house visa extension service.

Furama Resort

Frommer's top-rated hotel in Da Nang is the Furama Resort. The travel guide describes it as a "popular upscale gem" situated on Da Nang Beach. All of the rooms are appointed with Vietnamese furniture, hardwood floors, big marble bathrooms and sliding-glass doors leading onto private balconies. The Furama also runs many of its own recreational activities, such as day tours to sights like the old imperial capital of Hue or diving through its in-house scuba center.

Saigon Tourane Hotel

The Saigon Tourane is a simple, modern, four-story hotel with 82 guest rooms and a common hotel for European package tours. Because the hotel is located on the north side of Da Nang, it might be inconvenient for tourists who are not expecting a tour bus to fetch them for an excursion every day. However, the hotel is clean, orderly, has two in-house restaurants and earned praise from Frommer's for its friendly staff.