Cycling Paths in Austin, Texas

by Ian Farquharson

The well-developed trail network around Austin, Texas provides cyclists with many locations in which to ride. There are over 193 miles of trails through parks and along greenbelts leading into all areas of the city. Austin was designated a "Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community" by the League of American Bicyclists in 2007.

Public Parks

Austin has 251 public parks within its boundaries, with many of the larger facilities having paths that cyclists can use. This includes Dove Springs District Park, which has a 1.3 mile network of hiking and biking trails, and Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park, which has a 3.7 mile system of trails. Other parks around the city where cyclists can find trails include St. Edwards Park in the northwest area of the city, Civitan Park in the northeast and Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park in the south.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Greenbelt areas in Austin typically comprise areas of public parkland alongside creeks and canyons. Barton Creek Greenbelt on the west side of the city has one of the most developed trail systems for cycling. The route follows the line of the creek for a length of over 7 miles, from Camp Craft Road to Zilker Metro Park. Routes of shorter length break off from the main trail, providing access into other areas of the greenbelt.

Other Greebelt Areas

Austin also has a number of other greenbelt areas with trails catering to cyclists. Johnson Creek Greenbelt in the northwest has a path over 1 mile in length. The trail network in Onion Creek Greenbelt, in the southern area of the city, extends almost 2.5 miles, while Boggy Creek Greenbelt in the northeast has approximately 1.2 miles of trails.

Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail

The Town Lake area of Austin lies in the center of the city, providing an open recreational space for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail runs for a distance of just over 10 miles through this area, from Mopac to the Longhorn Dam. A separate trail runs along either side of the Colorado River and the lake, with a number of other routes in the area connecting to them.

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