Cute Ways to Give a Plane Ticket as a Gift

by Melissa Morang
Surprise someone with a plane ticket by presenting it in unexpected ways.

Surprise someone with a plane ticket by presenting it in unexpected ways.

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Create a little mystery and suspense when you give the gift of a plane ticket. Of course, you can simply hand the recipient a ticket, but that's not as enjoyable. Wouldn't it be interesting to surprise the person instead? All you have to do is come up with cute ways to give him the ticket. For instance, you can place the gift in items that will not give away the secret. You will love watching the surprised look on the recipient's face.

Put the Tickets in a Carry-on Bag

Get a small carry-on bag and place travel items in the bag. For instance, buy some hard candy and gum, along with a couple magazines. Fill the bag with these travel items. You can even add items like sanitizers or a little travel pillow. The choice is yours, so have a good time filling the bag up. The recipient will keep pulling things out and have no idea of the real gift at the bottom of the bag.

Put the Ticket in a Balloon

Present your airline ticket in a balloon. Roll the ticket into a very small tube shape. Stretch the opening of the balloon so that you can place the rolled plane ticket inside. Then simply blow up the balloon. If you choose, draw pictures such as airplanes or maps on the balloon with a marker. You can also paste pictures of the destination onto the balloon. Present the person with the balloon and watch her face as she tries to figure out what her gift means.

Decorate a Coffee Can

Use your artistic side and paint a coffee can. Spray paint a picture of a map or pictures of planes. Alternatively, you can tape pictures on the can. Put the ticket on the bottom of the can and fill the can with gum or candy to make it feel heavy and confuse the recipient. Watch his face as he takes the candy out. He will be puzzled as you tell him that his gift is at the bottom of the can.

Put the Ticket in a Travel Book

Amuse yourself by throwing the recipient completely off track. Buy a travel book about the destination. Place the plane ticket in the book as a book mark and wrap the book in regular wrapping paper. You will definitely surprise the recipient because she will feel the book before she even opens it. Then watch her face light up as she finds the plane ticket that you have placed in the book.

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