Cute Knight Things to Craft

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Celebrate knights with your creative craft.

Celebrate knights with your creative craft. Images

Brave knights in shining armor prove engaging historical figures to many little boys and girls. If your child is a fan of these chivalrous folk, engage her in a craft that is all about these figures. Have your child create an objective representative of these individuals as an engaging activity option.

Cardboard Shield

Few knights would venture into battle without the aid of their trusty shields. Allow your crafter to try his hand at making a shield of his own -- albeit, a less reinforced one. Help your child cut a shield shape out of corrugated cardboard. Paint the entire thing a shiny gold or silver with metallic spray paint. Next, arm your child with craft paints and a brush and have him decorate the shield, making it one that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is protecting.

Toilet Paper Knight

Help your child transform a standard toilet paper tube into a brave knight figure. Purchase some metallic paper and gather scissors and tape. Help your child use this paper to cover the tube, using additional cardboard pieces to make a head and legs for her knight character. To aid her in creating this knight figure, gather some books with images of knights for her to use as a reference.

Foil Knight Costume

Allow your child to embody a classic knight by helping him make a foil costume. Purchase several rolls of inexpensive foil, and use this material as the base for your child's costume. Help your kiddo wrap this foil around his body, creating a knight outfit that he can wear proudly into battle. Use scraps of cardboard to create other knight needs, such as a lance.

Decoupage Knight Box

If your little girl is a fan of stories in which knights in shining armor come to the rescue of fair maidens, help her create a craft that depicts this romantic notion. Gather images of knights from a variety of sources. Use these images to cover a box, creating an attractive, and fairytale-themed, receptacle for your daughter. Use a thick cardboard box and a mixture of one part school glue and one part water. Paint this glue mixture onto the back of each piece of paper and press it onto the box. Finish by painting over the entire box with the glue mixture to create a glaze of sorts.

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