Cute Homemade Party Invitations for Girls

by Christina Dillon
Create invitations that match the theme of your girl's party.

Create invitations that match the theme of your girl's party. Images

Crafting homemade invitations is one way to include a young girl in the party planning process and get her creative juices flowing. If you plan to hand out invitations at school, your options are almost endless. But if you're mailing the homemade creations, select envelopes first, so you can cut the invitations to fit. For a surprise party, use some of the same techniques but craft the invitations on your own.

Simple Themed Invitation

Choose an appropriate shape for a girl, such as a heart, star or bow. If it's a themed party, choose a shape that goes with the theme, such as a crown for a "princess party" or a carriage for a "fairy tale party." Draw and cut your shape out of a piece of colored construction paper. Cut a piece of white construction paper in half widthwise, then fold it widthwise. Glue the shape on the outer portion of the construction paper and write party details on the inside.

Sponged Art

Cut three unused kitchen sponges into different shapes, such as hearts and stars. Fold a white piece of card stock in half lengthwise. Dip one sponge into a shallow dish of pastel-colored paint just until it's moist. Dab the sponge onto the outside panels of your invitation. Choose a different shape and a different color and continue until you've reached your desired look. Write a message, such as "Join our celebration" on the front of the card with a black marker. Write the details of the party on the inside of the card.

Yarn Invitations

Fold a piece of construction paper in half widthwise. Position the paper with fold side away from you and draw a picture or shape such as a flower pot or a puppy. Choose yarn colors that complement the shape and cut pieces of each color that are about 1 foot long. Outline the drawing with a thin line of glue and place the yarn in the glue. Set each invitation aside to dry while you work on another. Once they are completely dry, cut off any extra yarn and write the party details inside.

Fun with Card Stock

Visit your local craft store and browse the card stock section. Choose one girly design of patterned paper, one matching solid color and a spool of ribbon. Trim the patterned card stock to 4 by 5 1/2 inches. Trim the solid paper to 3 by 4 1/2 inches. Place the solid piece on top of the patterned piece with both sides facing up. Align one short edge of the solid piece with one short edge of the patterned piece and hold them together. Punch a hole through both layers with a hole puncher, and tie the layers together with a 5-inch piece of ribbon. Write your party details on the solid piece of cardstock.

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