Cute Homemade Fabric Slippers

by Kyra Sheahan
Make fabric slippers that you can wear out of the shower.

Make fabric slippers that you can wear out of the shower.

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Even at home, it's nice to protect your feet and keep them comfy with fashionable slippers. Whether you are looking for a cute craft activity to do at home or just want to find ways to save money, making homemade fabric slippers is a creative activity with a functional end result. Your personal needs will dictate how hard or soft you want to make the soles of the slippers.

Slumber Party Slippers

A cute idea for a slumber party activity is to have young kids create their own fabric slippers. Start by purchasing colorful flip-flop sandals and a variety of fuzzy fabrics in zebra stripes, leopard print or solid patterns. The kids place the bottom of the slipper on top of the fabric of their choice and trace around the slipper with a dark marker. They cut out the fabric and make slits in the material to accommodate where the foot straps are attached to the sandals. Place double-sided carpet tape on the insole of the flip-flops and press the fabric on top of it. Remove the foot straps to position the fabric, and replace them after the material is in place.

Terry Cloth Slippers

If you need spa slippers for when you come out of the shower, select terry cloth as your fabric. Terry cloth, which towels are generally made of, has effective absorbent properties to help your feet dry faster. To make the slippers, trace your feet with a marker onto a thick piece of cardboard, rounding out the toe section at the top. Cut out the outline, and mark the sides left and right as this will be the slippers' soles. Place the soles on top of cotton batting, trace and cut out. Repeat with the terry cloth fabric. Use craft glue to connect the cotton batting to the cardboard soles, and paste the terry cloth fabric on top of the cotton batting. To make the slipper strap, cut out another piece of terry cloth and sew, glue or staple it on the sides of the slipper so that the fabric wraps around the top of the foot.


Moccasins are slippers that use the same fabric for the sole and the rest of the shoe. Gather leather or a wooly fabric, sewing needles and thread. Measure out the amount of fabric to cut by the size of your foot. Wrap the material around your foot so that it fits and keeps your foot in place. Sew the loose parts of the fabric down so that you can slide your foot in and out of the moccasin. To give the sole more cushion for walking, sew cotton batting inside.

Felt Slippers

Felt, closed-toe slippers will keep your feet warm. Using 1/8-inch-thick wool felt, the soles, heels, toes and upper pieces are cut out from a slipper template and sewn together. Slipper templates can be found online. You can embellish your slippers with custom fabric name tags or iron-on patches.

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