How to Cut Up Overgrown Viburnum Hedges

by Henry Francis
Viburnums in fall are characterized by red and yellow berries.

Viburnums in fall are characterized by red and yellow berries.

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Viburnum hedges can grow up to 30 feet tall, so cutting and pruning away the overgrown branches is essential. In the spring and summer, viburnum plants are replete with fresh white flowers while red and yellow berries are found in the fall. You can facilitate this growth and maintain a healthy and clean appearance for your viburnum hedge through targeted thinning shearing, which you should carry out in the spring.

Items you will need

  • Garden shears
  • Stepladder
Step 1

Cut away any dying or dead branches at the base of the branch using shears. Set up your stepladder so that it is on a secure footing before climbing it to cut away any diseased or dead branches at a height.

Step 2

Prune away any branches that are growing laterally to the rest of the viburnum hedge. Perform the cut at the point of origin once again, leaving a neat cut right in the center of the hedge. Limit the chance of insect-related disease in your hedge by cutting away any overlapping branches.

Step 3

Shorten any longer or overgrowing branches so that your hedge has a neat appearance, with all branches cut to the desired length. Climb your stepladder once more and trim the top of your viburnum so that all branches reach the same, uniform height. Perform all aesthetic cuts at 1/4 inch from the nearest leaf bud.

Step 4

Walk to 10 feet away from your hedge and observe it from at least three angles to check that you have a well-rounded viburnum. Return to excise any unseemly branches before repeating the walking away and observing exercise until you are satisfied with your pruning.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not prune your viburnum in the summer, as this leads to excess sap buildup and disease.

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