How to Customize My Motocross Jersey With a Name & Number

by Trisha Dawe
Personalize your jersey with iron-on lettering.

Personalize your jersey with iron-on lettering.

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Personalize a store-bought motocross jersey with your last name and riding number using iron-on transfers. Fans can identify you from yards away when your jersey displays your name and number in a large enough font. With a computer, printer and three sheets of transfer paper from a craft store, you can customize your motocross jersey at home and get ready for the next race. Use the same method to apply company sponsor logos to your jersey, if applicable, and transfer your name and number onto T-shirts or sweatshirts for your family to wear while they cheer you on.

Items you will need

  • Word-processing software
  • Inkjet or laser printer
  • Transfer paper
  • Scissors
  • Ironing board
  • Iron
Step 1

Start a new word processing document on your computer and insert or draw a text box in the center of the page. Pull one corner or an edge of the text box to enlarge the box to the exact dimensions of your motocross number.

Step 2

Type the number inside the text box and change the size and font design to your specifications. Double-click on the text box outer border and select "No Line" to remove the visible line from your printing project.

Step 3

Flip the image and wording to a mirror image so that, when printed on the transfer paper, it will appear backwards. The image, when applied to the jersey, will return to the proper direction. You may complete this step during the printing process on some printers if you cannot flip the images in your word processing software.

Step 4

Insert the transfer paper into your inkjet or laser printer; whichever is recommended on the transfer paper packaging, and select the high-quality printing option under the print preferences. Print the document and inspect it to confirm the entire number has come out on the sheet.

Step 5

Repeat the process in a new document and type your last name in the text box. Alter the page orientation to landscape for those with longer last names. Adjust the font style and size to your specifications and print the document onto iron-on transfer paper.

Step 6

Trim the excess from the transfer paper designs, leaving a 1/4-inch border on each side. Position the jersey onto an ironing board and lay the transfer sheet face down on the shirt. Press a hot iron onto the transfer paper according to package directions. Allow the paper to cool before peeling it off and revealing your name and motocross number.

Tips & Warnings

  • Transfer paper sheets are specially made for darker-colored fabrics, so if your motocross jersey is black, navy blue or hunter green, consider purchasing the appropriate transfer papers.
  • Check the tag or care instructions before attempting to apply the transfer. You'll find some motocross jerseys made of 100 percent polyester and they may not take a hot iron, which means you cannot apply an iron-on transfer without destroying the garment.
  • Motocross jerseys that do not accept iron-on transfers may be taken to a screen-printing company for customization.

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