How to Customize Fliers for a Party

by Barbie Carpenter
Fliers can attract guests to your party.

Fliers can attract guests to your party.

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Throwing a successful party relies on having energetic, interested guests. If mailed invitations aren't your style, you can create fliers for your party. Fliers are particularly useful if you're planning to invite dozens of guests -- you can hand them to guests when you see them, rather than paying for postage for mailed invitations. Your flier needs to capture the guests' attention to entice them to attend your bash.

Step 1

Choose a colorful piece of card stock for your flier. The color you choose will dictate the rest of the design decisions you make. If you're having a theme party, choose a color that aligns with your theme. For example, a tailgate party can use one of the team colors for the flier. A colorful flier will attract more attention than a white one.

Step 2

Type the name of your party in a large, easy-to-read font. You don't have to use formal wording on your flier like you would on an invitation. Instead, tell your guests right away what the party is about. Feature the name of your party on the top third of the flier. For example, if you're having a decade-themed party, write "80s Party!" at the top of the flier.

Step 3

Write the relevant details about the party below the party name in a smaller, but still easy-to-read, font. List the location -- both the name and address -- such as "Lindsay's House, 1245 Maple Avenue." Also, list the date and time for the party.

Step 4

Provide any important details about your party. If you want guests to come in costume, bring their own beverages or park in a certain location, specify that in a smaller font near the bottom of the flier.

Step 5

Position any images on the flier around the text. Leave white space around your text -- you don't want to crowd it. However, an image in a corner that correlates to the party theme can add some flair to your flier. An image of a birthday cake with candles, for example, would be appropriate for a birthday party flier.

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