How Does a Cusp Check Their Horoscope?

by Kylie Worthington

An astrological cusp is the point in time when the zodiac switches from one sign to the next. Cuspers, or people born on the cusp, may find that they don't fit the sign they were technically born under or that they have traits from both signs. Because most horoscopes are written just for the 12 main sun signs, cuspers can have a hard time finding accurate, relevant readings. Whether you were born on a cusp or just don't feel like your sign fits, understanding your personal birth chart can be extensively helpful when it comes to checking your horoscope.

Cusp Dates

If you were born within five days of the beginning or end of your sun sign, you are a cusper. For example, anyone born between April 20 and May 20 is a Taurus. A person born on April 21 is considered to be born on the Aries-Taurus cusp. A May 19 birthday indicates a Taurus-Gemini cusper. Interestingly, those born on the exact date of a sign change might find that they were born under a different sign than they believed when they see their birth chart. For example, on April 20,1990, the sun did not enter Taurus until 8:27 a.m. So if you were born on that day at 8:00 am, you may think you are a Taurus when the sun was actually still in Aries when you were born.

Which Sign?

Learning that you were born on a cusp can be enlightening if your sun sign never felt like a match for your personality. However, applying this knowledge is a tricky task. In her book, "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need," astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk recommends sticking with the sign that the sun was in at the time of your birth. She writes, "One sign is always a stronger influence, and that sign is almost invariable the sign that the sun was actually in."

Cusp Personalities

While your horoscope is unaffected by your cusp birthday, you may see influences of it in your personality. Woolfolk writes, "The influence of the approaching sign or of the sign just ending is present, and you will probably sense that mixture in yourself." There are key traits associated with each of the cusps.

Birth Charts

Getting a birth chart drawn is the best way to find out what your actual sun sign is and how it relates to other planetary influences. There are several free programs to do this yourself online. Another option is to get a birth chart and reading by a respected astrologer.

Sun Sign

If you were born on the cusp, check your birth chart or a sun table to find out exactly where the sun was at the moment of your birth to reveal your true sun sign. Use this sun sign for checking your horoscope. However, knowledge of both signs on either side of the cusp is useful to understanding a cusper's personality.


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