Cupcake Box Craft

by Rochelle Leggett
Cupcakes are often cute and highly decorated.

Cupcakes are often cute and highly decorated.

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Because they are so small and are often covered with colorful frosting or adornments, cupcakes are usually very cute. Unfortunately, due to the delicious nature of cupcakes, they tend to disappear quickly and are therefore not very good for decorating. You can turn a box into a cupcake instead, or decorate a box with cupcake patterns, which will last much longer than a real cupcake.

Fake Cupcake

Purchase a small round wooden or papier-mache box. Put the lid on and draw a line around the box where the lid hits. Remove the lid. Cover the box with some white glue and a piece of corrugated cardboard that reaches up to this line. You can paint the cardboard as well. Put some silicone caulk into a pastry bag and pipe it onto the lid of the box. You can use many other materials, such as spackle, as well. This creates the look of frosting, but is permanent once dry. Add fake fruit, like cherries, or other small items to look like sprinkles to the "frosting."

Wooden Box

Purchase a wooden box. Remove all of the hardware, such as hinges, and put it in a safe place. Sand and paint the box with a base color. With a pencil, draw cupcakes on the top and sides. A cupcake is very easy to draw, and essentially is a flat rectangle with an irregular half-circle on top. If you make a mistake, it will often make the cupcake look more natural. Paint in the cupcakes for a cupcake-themed box. Seal the box and replace the hardware once the paint has dried. If you use acrylic paint, this is a good craft for older children.

Clay Box

Roll a flat sheet of clay using a clay roller or a pasta machine. Cut a long rectangle and a circle from the clay, then wrap the rectangle into a cylinder with the same diameter as the circle. Cut away excess and press the cylinder to the circle to form one cup-shaped piece. This is the bottom of the cupcake. Bake. Cut another, slightly larger circle of clay. Roll a small cylinder and press it around the edge of the circle to form a lip for the top of the box. Make sure that the lid will fit the box before moving on. Then mix some regular and liquid polymer clay and put it into a food storage bag. Clip one corner and pipe the mixture onto the box lid. Add any decorative items that you desire, then bake. If you used colored clay, you are finished. If you did not, you may want to paint the clay.

Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake boxes are small, cardboard boxes that are designed to transport cupcakes. They often have clear windows on the top in order to see the items inside. Because they are lightweight and made from paper, they are very easy to decorate. Consider using paints or cutting out cupcake shapes from construction paper and gluing them to the box with white glue. You can also use labels with a printer and print out custom stickers to put on the box. Decorating a cupcake box is a good craft for young children.

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