Crocodile Craft for Preschoolers

by Krystal Miller
Children can use play dough or clay to sculpt a crocodile.

Children can use play dough or clay to sculpt a crocodile.

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Whether you are teaching your preschool classroom about crocodiles or planning a reptile-themed birthday party, prepare a variety of hands-on crafts for the children to do. Young children will enjoy using their imagination and showing off their creativity while doing crafts about the leathery-skinned reptiles that many people fear. They can keep the crafts for themselves or give them away as gifts.

Educational Crafts

Print pictures of the letter "C" along with pictures of crocodiles and the word crocodile so children can see how to spell the word. Preschoolers can color the pages with crayons and markers. This craft will teach them the letter the word crocodile starts with, how to spell it and what the reptile looks like. Help the children cut out the crocodile. For added fun, attach the picture to a piece of card stock and a wooden craft stick to make a crocodile stick puppet.

Paint Crafts

Paint each preschooler's hand with green tempera paint and have him press his hand on a piece of construction paper. His fingers should be closed together and his thumb away from his fingers. This will create the crocodile's head with its mouth open. Have the preschoolers draw teeth in the crocodile mouth and the rest of his body. Another idea is to give the children a coloring page of a crocodile and allow them to use green finger paint to color the pictures using their hands.

Edible Crafts

Make Rice Krispies treats according to the directions on the box. Add a couple of drops of green food coloring and give each preschooler one scoop of mix. Have the preschoolers sculpt the mix into the shape of a crocodile. Give the children candy pieces to create the eyes. Cut miniature marshmallows into tiny pieces for the children to use for teeth on the crocodiles. Alternatively, use crocodile-shaped cookie cutters to make sugar cookies. The children can use frosting, candy, licorice string and icing pens to decorate the crocodile cookies.

Other Crafts

Other crafts include a crocodile clothespin or sock puppet. Have the preschoolers paint a clothespin with green paint. After the paint dries, have them use paint pens to draw the teeth and eyes on the crocodile. Use the end that closes tightly on the clothespin as the crocodile's mouth. For added decoration, use white craft foam to make the teeth and eyes instead of paint. Make a crocodile sock puppet using a green sock. Children will use white paint to draw teeth in the mouth of the crocodiles, which is where the child's hand will open and close. Glue craft pompoms to the sock to create the eyes.

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